St. Jane's de Chantal Home

We are an institution taking care of HIV positive and abandoned children. We are a non profit charitable organisation looking for funding and assistance.

HIV Kids, HIV Home!
"Raising funds for a cause close to your heart will give anyone a feeling of purpose in life."


Raising funds for a cause close to your heart will give anyone a feeling of purpose in life.

At St. Jane's, South Africa's leading home for HIV positive and abandoned children, encourages us to turn heart-break into hope, by giving generously.

South Africa is a country with many living with HIV and AIDS. There are almost six million people living with this disease, but only about two million are aware that they are infected.

By donating money to this worthwhile cause and assisting in giving these abandoned or sick children a chance at living a normal life would afford them to enjoy the type of existence that all South African children should be entitled to.

Nutrition and medication are things we all take readily for granted, but it would give you, the individual or company a feeling of achievement if you contribute to this very noble and worthy cause, by assisting in the feeding and care of these little abandoned souls.

Did you know that it is possible to live positively with AIDS?

If you are tested positively for HIV it does not necessarily mean that you have AIDS. The symptoms for AIDS might only manifest itself in future years after the first diagnosis has been made.

Modern medicine has made it possible that HIV does not mean a death sentence, and children can grow up to live long and fulfilled lives.

All they need is a chance to fulfill their dreams by growing into adults.

Your generous charitable donations could make all the difference to the daily existence of the children at St. Jane's.

Most large companies allocate a certain amount of money every year towards the charities of their choice. Why not consider St. Jane's when you next make that calculation, helping the children.

Proper nutrition, exercise, education and a loving environment could prolong the lives of many.

Your generous donation is much appreciated, so why not give something from your heart, to-day, to this worthwhile cause and make a difference in a little child's life?


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