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We are an institution taking care of HIV positive and abandoned children. We are a non profit charitable organisation looking for funding and assistance.

HIV Kids, HIV Home!
"St Jane's is doing their little bit in the fight against AIDS by taking care of HIV positive"
Raising Funds For HIV Orphans 

Statistics show that there are no fewer than 280 000 children under the age of 14 living with HIV, and that 350 000 people have died from AIDS.

We are all aware that raising funds for any worthwhile cause is a lot easier said than done.

Raising funds for organizations such as St Jane's is gaining momentum in South Africa.

Although only a low percentage of organizations are actively involved in raising monies through the internet and mobile phones, this is said to have potential and will increase over time, as more and more South Africans have direct access to the internet.

With the advent of social networking platforms, charitable donations through this medium are becoming popular.

Making a difference where we can:

This is a snippet written by Doctor Jonathan Broomberg from Discovery Health:

Statistics and numbers about HIV and AIDS globally paint an alarming picture of the state of the world's health and future wellbeing. For South Africa the picture is equally serious – at nearly six million people living with HIV, South Africa has the world's largest population infected and affected by the disease. The impact of HIV and AIDS on society and its ripple effects are well-documented.

Knowledge is critical in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

HTC Campaign:

Department of Health has stepped up its fight against HIV and AIDS with its national HIV Counseling and Testing (HTC) Campaign.

The main purpose of this campaign is to get as many people as possible tested for HIV as possible. It is imperative that everyone is aware of their status so that they can protect not only themselves but their loved ones, too.

If caught early, HIV-positive people will be able to get into programmes early enough so as to start treatment in adequately fighting against this disease.

St Jane's is doing their little bit in the fight against AIDS by taking care of HIV positive and abandoned children; they are a non profit charitable organization looking for funding and assistance.

You can help and do your bit by donating to St Jane's today; visit and find out how you can make a contribution towards this worthwhile cause.


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Fundraising For HIV-Aids
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